The Christian-Muslim Studies Network is excited to begin the autumn semester of 2019 with an online book discussion centred on the recently released Modern Muslim Theology: Engaging God and the World with Faith and Imagination.

Posts from the discussion will begin appearing on 16 September on the Christian-Muslim Studies Network blog. These posts will feature a series of guest writers who hail from a variety of academic and faith perspectives, commenting on the recently published book by Dr Martin Nguyen. While some posts cast a critical lens on the book’s academic contributions, others focus on its implications for the practical realities of contemporary Islamic theology and Christian-Muslim Studies.

Dr Khalil Abdur-Rashid, the Muslim chaplain at Harvard University, will launch the discussion with a detailed review of the book itself. His analysis is grounded not only in his work as a scholar, but also in his pastoral experience, both at an American mosque and as the Muslim chaplain at Harvard University. His reflections shed light both on the discussion that follows and its implications for the American Muslim community where he serves.

Several written engagements will follow in the next month. These include reflections from a Christian scholar and educator, a pedagogical perspective with ideas on teaching from the book, and a detailed reflection on the role of ritual in Islamic theology. Comments from the author, Dr Martin Nguyen, will conclude the discussion.

Engagement and further comments about the blog discussion are welcome. Comments may be directed to and may be published.