Publishing opportunity – call for submissions

Abdali church in Jordan

Submissions are sought for a special issue of the journal Studies in World Christianity (Edinburgh University Press). The issue is titled, ‘Heritage and Identity: Exploring Ongoing Contributions of the Middle East within World Christianity’ and explores the reality of contemporary Christian communities in the Middle East and North Africa in the modern period. Articles may appeal to theological, historical, or social scientific disciplines, and should shed light on the implications of an ancient yet living Christian tradition throughout the Middle East. Research may be grounded in a particular context in, for example, (what is now) Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel/Palestine, or Egypt, but we also welcome contributions from Iran, Turkey, the Arabian Peninsula and other North African countries. Alternatively, authors may approach a question from the perspective of one or several of the church families within those countries.

Themes examined within individual articles might include the following:

  • Christian-Muslim relations
  • Christian-Jewish relations
  • Intra-Christian relations
  • Christian missions in the Middle East
  • Migration and transnational relations
  • Identity
  • Sacred space
  • Worship and practice
  • Hymns and liturgy
  • Scripture and tradition
  • Biblical/textual engagement
  • Arab contextual theology
  • Church-state relations and political theology
  • Ecclesiastical authority and/or law

Submissions from scholars native to the region are particularly welcome.

Submission Details
Interested authors should submit a proposed title and abstract (150-250 words) by 30 May 2021. Please include your name and any institutional and other affiliation with your proposed title and abstract, and submit via email to

Editors will contact you in June and discuss further details on accepted proposals at that time. Completed articles should be ready by 30 November 2021 to allow time for the peer review process, with proposed publication of the completed issue in November 2022. Please click here for the author guidelines and style sheet for Studies in World Christianity.

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