The Christian-Muslim Studies Network will hold a symposium ‘Speaking of the One God: Divine Essence, Attributes, and Names’ at New College, University of Edinburgh, on 15-16 July.

Lectures and discussion will explore the articulation of God and monotheism within the traditions of Islam and Christianity. Speakers at this symposium include Rowan Williams, Mona Siddiqui, Linn Marie Tonstad, Ramon Harvey, Anna Moreland, Stephen Pickard, Joshua Ralston, and Abdul Rahman Mustafa.

This event commences with opening remarks by Rowan Williams at 18:15 in Martin Hall. The Monday sessions begin at 9:00 and will conclude at 16:30.

All proceedings are at New College on Mound Place at the University of Edinburgh. Lectures and discussion are in Martin Hall, with lunch, reception, and tea breaks served in Rainy Hall.

Online registration is closed for this event, but interested participants may register at the event itself after 17:30 on Sunday or on Monday morning. Registration includes the following:

  • Sunday lecture and reception
  • Full-day symposium on Monday
  • Lunch on Monday
  • Tea & coffee breaks

The Christian-Muslim Studies Network aims to foster a community of interdisciplinary research, teaching, and scholarship drawn from experts across Europe, the Middle East, North America, Southeast Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, and beyond. This is accomplished through public lectures, interdisciplinary conferences, and student courses. Postgraduate students interested in pursuing a degree in Christian-Muslim Studies may contact Dr Joshua Ralston at